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How to override built in view scripts


Override the built-in view scripts for pages such as registration and sign-in with your own custom view scripts


  1. In your module, under the view directory, create the folder tree lmc-user/user
  2. Create the necessary override view scripts, depending on which page(s) you want to change:
    • User Login page: lmc-user/user/login.phtml
    • User Registration page: lmc-user/user/register.phtml
    • Default post-login landing page: lmc-user/user/index.phtml
  3. Put this into your module.config.php file
'view_manager' => [
'template_path_stack' => [
'zfc-user' => __DIR__ . '/../view',

Refer to each built-in view script to see how the form is configured and rendered.

NOTE: Your module must be loaded after LmcUser or the overriding will not work. To do this, place your module after LmcUser in the modules key of your application configuration (config/application.config.php).